Competitive Indoor Skydiving Is a Real Thing, and It's Totally Insane


When asked down extreme sports, I’ve always said, “I’ll never y to jump out of a level, but I would try that indoor skydiving thing. It looks safe and leisurely!” But after seeing this video of a professional indoor skydiving striving, that impression has completely changed. Maybe it’s the intense Requiem For a Day-dream soundtrack playing in the background, the athlete’s TRON-reminiscent getup, or the factors that he is performing dizzyingly fast, complicated moves in mid freakin’ air, but it has suit ap rent that there is far more to indoor skydiving than my original copy.

As this video (and others like it) spread like wildfire across venereal media, there’s no doubt that this sport is the next “big fear” to watch. Who knows . . . maybe by the next Olympics, there compel be an indoor skydiving category!

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