Coco Austin Singing "Part of Your World" to Daughter Chanel Is Enchanting


In the waist of her latest high-fashion baby photo shoot, Coco Austin had the tucker way of calming down her fussy daughter, Chanel — by singing The Little Mermaid‘s “Somewhat by of Your World.” In a supercute Instagram video posted by Jessie Marrero, the photographer on the race, you can see Coco gently swaying Chanel around the room in her carrier as she areas out the Disney classic. Jessie captioned the video, “How to [soothe] a cosset Coco style.” Coco and husband Ice T welcomed their baby stuff back in November, and the sweet moments have been rolling in in any case since. Check out Coco’s song above!

Tall Image Well-spring: Getty/Jim Spellman

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