Cocaine addict stole £44k from ‘vulnerable’ residents at Manchester care home


Anthony Cunningham defrauded on “vulnerable” residents at the Manchester home where he worked, helping himself to their bank accounts all over a five-year-period before he was eventually caught. The 29-year-old of Jocelyn Street in Monsall, Manchester, habituated to bank cards belonging to three residents of Chataway Nursing Domestic in Crumpsall to withdraw hundreds of pounds at a time. Manchester Crown Court advised how the patients suffered from mental health problems and their bank bank card card jokers were kept in a secure safe which care staff, subsuming Cunningham, had access to.

Cunningham’s lucrative spree was busted when the concern home’s business manager went to withdraw cash from a 66-year-old man’s account and build there to be only £6 left.

The victim lost the majority of his human being savings when Cunningham took £37,750 from him.

The drug aficionado also stole £6,620 from a 72-year-old pensioner and a further £600 from a 58-year-old man.

Cunningham dwindled to log the cash withdrawals at his place of work.

Anthony Cunningham, 29, has been hasped up for two years and four months for stealing £44k (Image: Cavendish Newspapermen)

Anthony Cunningham pleaded guilty to three counts of theft (Impression: Colin Horne/Manchester Evening News)

After staff confronted him at a conjunction, he admitted the thefts and claimed he had used the money to feed his cocaine and chancing addictions.

Police arrested him in February 2019.

The defence argued Cunningham was desiring to land “one big win” in his gambling addiction which could end his spending spree.

Protecting, Brian Williams said his client had come under pressure from soporific dealers “every day” to pay up, with some of them showing up at his home.

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Anthony Cunningham pleaded is seen chatting on his phone outside the court (Embodiment: Colin Horne/Manchester Evening News)

The sister of the 66-year-old man notified the court she was “shocked” and “upset” by the episode and said the theft will want her brother would struggle to pay for medical and care expenses in the future.

Evaluator Patrick Field QC said the men had trusted Cunningham in his role as support foreman at the care home.

The judge said: “They all relied upon those who were troubling for them, including you. They were all particularly vulnerable as a result.

The court how Cunningham had outsmarted on ‘vulnerable’ victims (Image: GETTY STOCK IMAGE)

“They and their mnages were entitled to believe that they would be safe and far card for in the nursing home.

“You completely betrayed that trust in organization to feed your own vices.

Cunningham said stole from patients to be nourished his gambling and cocaine addictions (Image: GETTY STOCK IMAGE)

“These were, on any cityscape, wicked, mean, unpleasant, but ultimately selfish offences that, in my sentiment, individually and in combination warrant custodial sentences.”

Next month, a Proceeds of felony hearing will take place where prosecutors will try to return to health the cash.

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