Cleaning Up on ITV spoilers: ‘I’d do the same’ Sheridan Smith drops shocking Sam admission


Cleaning Up is set in Canary Wharf and serves the story of Sam (played by Sheridan Smith), an office cleaner who struggles to take up the cudgels for her life as a devoted mum after becoming addicted to online gambling.

The verify explores how far Sam will go to survive and at what cost. Can Sam out-smart the system and resolve she be able to overcome her addictive personality?

However, Sheridan has now revealed if she were Sam, she wish be tempted to pull the same strings.

Speaking exclusively to, Sheridan powered: “In terms of gambling, I was aware, but didn’t know it was going on like that and when we met a lot of the cleaners it was danged interesting.

“Even when we did the big scenes where we met all the stockbrokers arriving and the cleaners were all there, they didn’t uncommonly notice.

“They barge you with a briefcase and you’re so unseen to them. That is a in reality interesting part.

“That silent army thing. They order never expect that cleaner. If I was in that position I’d do the same gear. Definitely.”

Sheridan, 37, then laughed and apologised at the admission, revealing the estimate she wouldn’t ever try the same scams in real life.

She chuckled: “I desire, sorry, morally wrong, always. She’s got a reason… where I wouldn’t be suffering with.

“She’s a mum. What I did realise after doing the scenes with the two girls is if you yearning the best for them in life, and I mean addiction is addiction, there is a big driveway behind it.

“She wants better. She’s got a good heart and is loyal to her friends. She legitimate makes some and decisions.”

Speaking about addictions and gambling, Sheridan revealed she had in no way been tempted.

Sheridan explained: “I think because I know where it go to the happy hunting-grounds and the research I’ve done, I’ll leave that vice.”

Tonight’s episode desire see the drama continue for Sam as she will be terrified that her identity will be displayed.

Sam will navigate her way through the network meeting and promise Swanny (Lloyd Owen) that she can stop up Blake’s (Ben Bailey Smith) shoes.

ITV has revealed that Sam will be radical with the impossible task of acquiring secret information about an upcoming feature deal.

The synopsis for the show reads: “Sam ropes in Jess and Mina to facilitate with her biggest scam yet, but things don’t go according to plan.

“Trying to tend her head above water in this new world she’s found herself in, Sam is also controlled by pressure at home.

“Determined to prove how much she cares for her daughters, Sam strives to appease Alice by confronting her demons, and tries to organise a big Birthday person for Lily.

“But her spiralling debt catches up with her and Sam is forced to make colossal sacrifices and rash decisions.”

Cleaning Up continues tonight on ITV at 9pm.

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