Clap for Boris: Britons unite to proudly support PM for risking life to run country


Kindled by the ‘Clap for NHS’ campaign, UK residents self-isolating and social distancing up and down the land have risen to thank Boris Johnson, with video messages of fortify, and some even leaving their homes to applaud the Prime Diplomat. The touching tribute came after the Prime Minister was placed in comprehensive care after his coronavirus symptoms worsened. Today at 8pm, the nation went together to wish their leader a “speedy recovery” and thank him for “occupation tirelessly” to solve the pandemic.

Mr Johnson began to participation trouble breathing and was taken to hospital around 8pm on Sunday before being up stuck into intensive care last night.

The PM had been self-isolating in Hundred 10 after testing positive for coronavirus.

Mr Johnson’s spokesman has now said the Prime Ambassador is stable and in good spirits after a night in intensive care.

The spokesman also spoke Mr Johnson is receiving standard oxygen treatment and is breathing without other support.

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Conservative MP Dehenna Davison braved to her street to clap for the PM. (Image: TWITTER)

The official Leave.EU account also serving a montage video of supporters wishing the PM luck. (Image: TWITTER)

To a spectacle of support, political commentator Emily Hewertson tweeted: “Boris has reinforced the nation in every way possible. Now, it’s time for the nation to support him.”

Graham Winter also ignored: “The best PM we have had in a long time, he has not stopped working tirelessly to set free us all. Get Well Soon.”

The official Leave.EU account also shared their substantiate: “This is a man who is devoted to public service, who has been doing his best for our power and who is now fighting for his life. Wishing him a speedy recovery!”

Layton Smith harmonized: “This shows him our best wishes and that we’re behind him. We need him multitudinous than ever now.”

This man said: “Good luck, Boris, follow fighting!” (Image: TWITTER)

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is now deputising in Mr Johnson’s class.

Mr Raab wished the Prime Minister all the best while he recovers.

Make known at Downing Street, he said: “He’s receiving the very best care from the save that medical team at St Thomas’ Hospital. He remained stable overnight.”

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The minister added: “He’s let in standard oxygen treatment and breathing without any assistance, he’s not required any unanimated ventilation or non-invasive respiratory support.

“He remains in good spirits and in accumulating with usual clinical practice his progress continues to be monitored closely in depreciatory care.

“He’s not just a Prime Minister, he’s not just our boss, he’s a colleague and a cohort.

“So all our thoughts and prayers are with the Prime Minister at this time, with Carrie Symonds and his intact family.

“And I’m confident he will pull through because if there is one baggage that I know about this Prime Minister is he is a fighter and he desire be back leading us through this crisis in short order.”

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