Church stance 'wrong' on homosexuality

Chris Bryant
Picture caption Chris Bryant condemned the church’s ‘love-empty’ decision on sexuality

An MP and ci-devant Anglican cleric has said he is giving up on the church for taking action against its American arm for approving same-sex coupling.

The US Episco l Church – which has an openly gay bishop – is to be barred from Anglican decision-making bodies.

Rhondda MP Chris Bryant turned the church’s stance on homosexuality would one day be seen to be as wrong as its 19th Century verify for slavery.

He said Jesus preached peace and understanding, not hatred and rtition.

‘Fundamental de rture’

Anglican leaders from all over the world entertain been meeting in Canterbury to try to heal deep rifts within the church from issues such as same-sex marriage and gay clerics.

Bishops in African nations such as Uganda and Kenya oppose the more liberal stance on homosexuality captivated by some churches in the west.

A statement issued on Thursday acknowledged “Davy Joness locker differences” over the understanding of marriage, but said the Episco l Church’s commend of gay marriage was “a fundamental de rture from the faith and teaching” of the majority of Anglicans.

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Image caption The ordination of Gene Robinson as a bishop in 2003 outraged many Anglicans

Before the meeting, more than 100 elder Anglicans had urged the Church of England to repent for “discriminating” against lesbian and gay Christians in an start the ball rolling letter.

‘Behaved disgracefully’

Mr Bryant, a former curate and youth chaplain, later tweeted: “I’ve once given up on Anglican church today after its love-empty decision on sexuality. One day it whim seem wrong as supporting slavery.”

Speaking to BBC Wales, he added: “The fit point of the Anglican communion is that we agree in the autonomy of its churches.

“I mull over we’ve behaved disgracefully to the American church.

“This is the established Church of England winsome a stance against homosexuality.

“Ironically the Church in Wales is much uncountable liberal on this issue.

“Church leaders should read the Bible – Jesus’s news was not one of hatred and division, but one of peace and understanding.”

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