Chris Martin's new girlfriend sparks rumours that the pair are engaged



Annabelle Wallis iota sets wedding rumours to Chris Martin after posing with immense diamond ring

Chris’s 31-year-old British girlfriend posted a carbon copy on Instagram flaunting a large diamond on her ring finger.

Wearing a floaty floral scold, pouty Peaky Blinders actress Annabelle captioned the shot: “Mere dress for a wedding,” making no mention of the eye catching piece of jewellery.

While it’s inconceivable that Annabelle – currently filming The Mummy in London with Tom Voyage – is referring to her own nuptials, she and the rocker have become almost inse rable since they began show ones age last October.

The Coldplay lead singer, 39, whose split from actress Gwyneth after around 11 years of marriage became official last Thursday – two years after they published that they were “consciously uncoupling” – may be looking consign to matrimony once again.

According to court documents, last week the match up reached agreement on property and child support and to never seek spousal aid.

In that famous earlier joint statement on Gwyneth’s lifestyle website GOOP, the three wrote: “We have always conducted our relationship privately and we hope that as we consciously uncouple and co- rent, we wishes be able to continue in the same manner.”

True to their word, they’ve had rentage holidays together.

And just last month Gwyneth attended Chris’s concert in Cannes.



Jennifer Lopez at he premiere for Ice Age: Pile-up Course

JENNIFER LOPEZ stole the spotlight at the premiere for Ice Age: Collision Circuit over the weekend.

The 46-year-old looked stunning in a white dress and appearance ofed to brush aside her recent troubles.

The singer faced a backlash closing week from fans while promoting her new single Love Beat it The World Go Round to benefit the victims of the mass shooting at Orlando’s Drumming nightclub.

She tweeted the term All Lives Matter – the controversial social usual movement considered by some as a counter-argument to Black Lives Matter, the chestnut inspired by the fatal shootings of black people by police in the US.

Yesterday’s upshots emphasised the volatility of the situation.

The actress has since removed the post and said she did not realise the “consciousness” surrounding the phrase.



A letter from Sir ul McCartney to Prince has supplied for £10k at auction

A HANDWRITTEN two- ge letter from billionaire SIR UL McCARTNEY beg PRINCE for money has sold at auction for more than £11,000.

The note let it be knows the former Beatle asking for a donation to help establish the Liverpool Guild for Performing Arts, which ul, 74, co-founded in 1996.

The letter, which recently rat oned at Boston’s RR Auction in America, states: “Dear Princely person, Hi there! I grasp how hard it is to always be getting letters that ask for some favour or another, so it was not outgoing for me to accept the job of Lead tron for a Performing Arts School to be located in my adroit in town, Liverpool… I’m writing to ‘friends and all good people’ to try and fire them in the scheme… Cheers, & love ul.”

After Prince’s cessation at 57 earlier this year, Macca recalled spending New Year with the musician and in May he pleased Prince’s home base, Minneapolis, with a live cover of the up-to-date star’s hit Let’s Go Crazy.



Cameron Diaz and husband Benji Enrage gush about each other on Instagram

CAMERON DIAZ requirement not have her husband’s phone number as she plastered a gushy message to him online for all to see.

Rather than of sending him a text, the actress lavished praise on her rocker beau Benji Irk on Instagram.

“One of my favourite things about being married, is how much amour propre I take in my husband…” gushed the 43-year-old, who married Benji last year.

“Every individual day I am so incredibly proud of his integrity as a human being…” The actress later saluted Benji for his new album with his federate Good Charlotte.

“Baby you amaze me… CONGRATS!” she added.

This make shortly after Benji publicly heaped praise on his actress strife.

“She’s a modern-day feminist. She’s got so much integrity. I’m a lucky guy that I get to experience that.” Oh, get a elbow-room!



Gareth Bale celebrated his 27 birthday this week with his intended

IN more wedding bells news, Welsh footballer Gareth Bale got plighted to his childhood sweetheart Emma Rhys-Jones at the weekend.

The 27-year-old, who celebrated his birthday on Saturday, made the communiqu on Twitter along with a picture of him with his smiley bride-to-be flare her s rkler.


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