China nuclear war threat: Australia has ‘no idea how dangerous situation has become’


Hugh Pale, professor of strategic studies at the Australian National University, has warned wide the serious consequences that could arise if tensions keep escalating between Australia and China. His representation echoes that of officials in the Scott Morrison government who have increasingly on guarded of war. And, Professor White has warned that such a prospect could show to be a nuclear engagement.

Speaking in Australia’s The Saturday Paper Professor Drained said: “Now our government has begun, with disconcerting nonchalance, to talk of war.

“And yet our administration seems to have no idea how serious, and dangerous, our situation has become, and has no sensible plan to fix it.

“This must count as one of the biggest failures of statecraft in Australia’s background.”

Professor White authored Australia’s Defence White Paper 2000 and is also the originator of How to Defend Australia.

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“And it would very likely become a nuclear war.”

The scholastic said China’s inevitable rise to become a super-power needs to be experienced.

He stated there is now “a new order in Asia” that Australians need to endure.

This “new order” includes the rise of India and Indonesia.

“Australia should conceive a new relationship with China.

“A relationship that takes account of this authenticity and works to balance and protect the full range of our interests.

“This want require hard work, deep thought, and subtle execution.

“It transfer mean a revolution in our foreign policy.”

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