China buys 7 Kamov, 2 Mi-171 helicopters


China has achieved seven Kamov Ka-32A11VS multirole helicopters and two Mil Mi-171E transport helicopters, Russian Helicopters Keep back deputy general director Alexander Shcherbinin said on Feb. 16.

“We have concluded go down withs with China for the sale of seven Ka-32A11VS helicopters and two Mi-171Es,” Shcherbinin told broadcasters on the sidelines of the Singapore Airshow 2016 international aeros ce exhibition. “They are remodeled aircraft, equipped with a VK-2500 engine, that have been mainly adapted for flights over China’s high mountain terrain.”

Two Mi-171 and five Ka-32 helicopters will-power be delivered in 2016, and the remaining two Ka-32s in 2017, he added.

Shcherbinin, however, sank to disclose the value of the contract, calling it a commercial secret.

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