Chief suspect in murder of Lorcan O’Reilly given brutal beating by gangsters


Lorcan O’Reilly

Lorcan O’Reilly

The young womanhood, who has close links to gangster ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson, is the only suspect for the give the judas kiss of Lorcan O’Reilly in the Oliver Bond flats complex.

Sources contain revealed that a number of youths attacked the 15-year-old in Dublin’s south inner conurbation shortly after 4am last Friday and the teenager suffered a number of pensive kicks and punches to the head.

He was brought to St James’s Hospital where he was reception of for a number of hours before being discharged.

“The teenager is lucky that his mayhems are not an awful lot worse. This incident has led to an increase in tensions in the south inner big apple,” a source said.

It is understood that some of those who were mixed up with in the attack knew the murder victim and “there was an element of revenge in the matter of what happened”.

After being savagely attacked, it has emerged that the teen has now been infatuated out of the county by Freddie Thompson, full story here.

Despite his soul-stirring age, the murder suspect was previously known to gardai and he was barely even a juvenile when he was involved in a horrific gang attack in the Grafton Street yard in which a man was badly beaten up.

However, the juvenile has now suffered the same end and this has led to fears that criminals connected to ‘Fat’ Freddie’s faction may now revenge oneself on for it.

Last week it was revealed that up to 16 people including a thousand of women and juveniles were questioned for withholding information about the murdering of Lorcan.

He was stabbed to death at the Oliver Bond Street flats complex in Dublin at 2.45am on November 1 when he whacked to break up a fight.

A chief suspect quickly emerged and he presented himself for call in at Kevin Street Garda Station along with his two grandmothers a handful of days after the stab attack.

However, officers declined to charm a statement from the teenager as they intend to collect more bear witness.

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