Charley Webb: Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle shares rare snap of three sons during lockdown


Emmerdale diva Charley Webb, 32, decided to give her Instagram fans an acumen into what she and her family of five have been getting up to during the coronavirus lockdown. The Debbie Dingle actress contrast c embarrassed her followers her epic “stuck at home” activity, while with her three sons and calm Matthew Wolfenden, 39.

Taking to her Instagram page, Charley posted a show of herself and her three boys while they are “stuck at home”.

Book to her 432,000 followers, the actress said: “When you’re stuck at home, reaching for bad foods is now easy to do.

“That’s why we fill our snack cupboard with yummy Organix noshes as we know we can rely on them with their No Junk Promise.”

“These Mini Flapjack Snacks are perfect for refuelling after an activity filled morning with @organixfood, – swipe across to see our Hurdle course @organixfood #WonderDen #ad.”

The ITV star also attached a video to guide her followers a sneak peek of the epic obstacle course she made for her three striplings to keep them entertained during the lockdown.

Soon after the mother-of-three was charge ofed cheering Buster and Bowie on while completing the obstacle course around their establishment, fans of the actress said how lovely it was to see her playing along with them.

One told Charley: “What a pulchritudinous family, your boys are a credit to you.

“I love seeing children suck up to with the mummy and daddy, you’re creating memories to cherish that make last a lifetime, this made me smile so thank you.”

Charley quotas her three children with her husband and Emmerdale actor Matthew Wolfenden.

The link hasn’t ruled out any more children either, as Charley revealed to OK! Arsenal how she isn’t “finished” with children just yet.

The ITV favourite admitted: “I always take really tough pregnancies, that’s the only thing.

“But I don’t feel much the same as I’m finished,” she continued to discuss.

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