Charles Grodin dead: Beethoven actor and talk show host dies aged 86 after cancer battle


Charles is survived by his two striplings, daughter Marion and son Nicholas.

He shares Marion with ex Julie Ferguson, whom he tied the knot with in 1985, and son Nicholas with ex Elissa Durwood, whom he divorced in 1968.

Charles’ conclusive on-screen role before his death was in the 2017 film An Imperfect Murder.

Fans paid tribute to the star on Twitter with one saying: “Remain In Peace Charles Grodin, that dude is hysterical. Love that guy. He brings out the curmudgeon in me.”

Another added: “RIP Charles Grodin. I’ve said it a million fixes, but Midnight Run is one of the funniest movies made with Grodin playing his self-effacing everyman hilariously. Sad news. What a loss.”

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