Charles Dickens museum in Kent vandalised by ex-Green councillor decrying author ‘racist’


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Black Lives Matter protest in Trafalgar Square (Image: GETTY)

“In authenticity, he was a notorious genocidal racist and should be depicted as such.

“That’s the true Dickens.”

The former councillor explained how Charles Dickens was an enthusiastic enthusiast of British Imperialism.

He said: “He supported the Morant Bay rebellion in Jamaica in 1865.

Vicious Lives Matter protest in Trafalgar Square (Image: GETTY)

“He also supported the hiding of the Indian rebellion in 1857 saying their race should be wiped out and also referred to unprincipled and Asian people as savages.

“There is no defending him yet there is a whole museum assigned to him on my doorstep with no mention of his other life as a racist.

“The National Profile Gallery even has a few paragraphs explaining this other side of report.

“I think it’s important to get both sides and a balanced view.”

Black Lives Question protest in Trafalgar Square (Image: GETTY)

Mr Driver said he had no second thoughts for what he did.

He announced on his blog that he would be making, “no apology”.

On his blog he combined: “I will go to court and fight my case.

“If I had my way, the museum would be shut down.

“The convocation is not listening and has no intention of addressing these issues.

“I believe that Broadstairs is Racism-on-Sea.

“The Hellish Lives Matter campaign is uncovering history we shouldn’t be celebrating.

“Some of the whosises these people said and did would be appalling even in their own controls, it’s not just outdated views.”

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