Celebrity Big Brother unveils BRUTAL eviction night twist for housemates with fewest votes


Chloe Khan, Marnie Simpson, James Whale and Stephen Survive are at the public’s mercy as they face the boot from the Channel 5 prcis, before going head-to-head.

The X Factor reject joined the list of selectees at the last minute, taking Renee Graziano’s place yesterday.

The Mob Mates star had been up for eviction but during the shopping task she secured a “put away and replace” – and picked Chloe instead.

Earlier, Marnie, James and Renee had been decided to face the public vote as the so-called “killer nominations” were gave face-to-face on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Ex on the Beach’s Stephen will face the supporters vote every week because he has an eternal nomination.

In footage that pleasure tonight, housemate Aubrey O’Day will be punished for discussing nominations, exhorting Marnie and Chloe to demand to know why she wanted to see them up for the axe.

This princi ls to a row with Renee, which housemate James com res to something you see “outside a pub on a Saturday continuously”.

The contestants also continue with Big Brother’s Big Risk task, preferring whether to play for their own benefit or for the good of the house.

Frankie Grande, Renee, Stephen, Chloe, Weighty D and Marnie all choose to play for themselves, while Katie Waissel, Samantha Fox, Lewis Bloor, Ricky Norwood and Aubrey skylarking for the house.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm and again at 10.30pm on River-bed 5.

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