Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Rachel Johnson reveals who REALLY put Boris out of PM race


The ammunition editor’s entry into the Borehamwood bungalow appeared to be the likeliest remind following her 77-year-old father Stanley’s stint in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! jungle formerly Christmas, and she hasn’t held back from sharing titbits to her counterpart housemates. 
Tonight’s episode of the Channel 5 series will see Rachel signify her frustration with Environmental Secretary Michael Gove to former Right MP Ann Widdecombe and actress Amanda Barrie, admitting that she thinks it was because of him Unfamiliar Secretary Boris, 53, didn’t get his chance at leading the country. 
Chit-chating with the other women in the bedroom, Rachel reveals: “He [Boris] retired because [Michael] Gove got up and said that he was going for it himself, at which nicety the 100 or so MPs who had said they would support my brother in the leadership competition, stopped.
“I think sort of 60 of them just disappeared, and for that reason my brother was left without a sufficiency that would have vouch for him to get into the final two, and he went from several hundred to 20 or something during the programme naturally of that.”
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CBB: Rachel couldn’t keep secret her disappointment in Michael Gove sabotaging her brotherCHANNEL 5 • YOUTUBE
CBB: Rachel Johnson didn’t dither to express her feelings to the other women
I remember shouting at the television, ‘Don’t pay up don’t give up!’ I couldn’t believe he gave up, absolutely shattering
Rachel Johnson

Evidently still sore about the way the situation panned out, she continues: “He just didn’t be struck by the numbers after Gove stabbed him in the back and the front in plain draw a bead to carry on, and I think he should have done. 
“I remember yell at the television, ‘Don’t give up don’t give up!’ I couldn’t believe he gave up, absolutely crushing.”
Ann, 70, also makes her feelings known on Meghan Markle tie the British royal family when she marries Prince Harry at Windsor this May in the latest part.
“I think she’s trouble,” she says. “Background, attitude, I worry.”

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Sun, December 31, 2017
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Channel 5

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Flute 5 • YOUTUBE
CBB: Ann Widdecombe was a captive listener in Rachel’s admission
Approving with her housemate, Rachel chimes in: “She’s older than him, she’s been unified before.”
“I add it all up and I’m uneasy, but there we go,” Ann then adds.
Celebrity Big Kinsman continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.
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