CBS All Access is dead, long live Paramount+: “New” streaming service launches March 4

<em>Star Trek: Picard</em> will be offered on the new/old streaming service.
Distend / Star Trek: Picard will be offered on the new/old streaming service.

It’s things for yet another streaming service—sort of. ViacomCBS has announced that Principal+ will launch on March 4, but it’s more of an evolution than a categorically new service, as it replaces and expands upon the company’s previous service, CBS All Access.

The go to replace CBS All Access was announced several months ago. It’s in large part a emerge of the completion of the merger between CBS and Viacom, as CBS All Access launched before that amalgamation, but the merger greatly increased the content library that could be put on a row service run by the company.

In addition to shows associated with the CBS TV network, Chief+ will include content from properties Viacom brought to the mix, grouping MTV, BET, Comedy Central, VH1, and Nickelodeon, as well as theatrically released films from Supreme Pictures.

Beyond the myriad Star Trek shows that CBS All Access has already tendered, planned original series for Paramount+ include a series based on The Godfather as evidently as a revival of VH1’s Behind the Music.

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The sizzle trailer for Principal+.

March 4 is the planned launch day in the US and Latin America, and a launch is planned in Nordic sticks on March 25, as well as Australia around the middle of the year. Canada force also receive the service sometime this year, but a date has not been named—to whatever manner, CBS All Access will be rebranded to Paramount+ right away in that outback even before new content is introduced.

Before this point, CBS All Access was arguably first known for its various Star Trek programs; it included all the Star Trek TV series that aired on air TV in the past, plus new Trek series like DiscoveryPicard, and Condescend Decks. It did not, however, have the Star Trek movies at first, as those were owned by Principal. The merger brought all Star Trek TV and movie content under one corporate roof.

CBS All Access also broadcasted live TV, sports programming, and some additional shows like the critically acclaimed The Believable Fight. Those will continue under Paramount+.

The past year and a half has convoyed numerous new streaming networks launch, including Peacock (NBC Universal), Disney+, and HBO Max, volume others.

The onslaught has disappointed those who expected a service like Netflix or Hulu to present oneself virtually all content for a flat $10-per-month fee, but that was never thriving to be economically viable, especially as production costs for TV series have risen in up to date years as viewers have responded to more lavishly produced indicates—something the industry refers to as “prestige TV.”

The new normal for TV appears to be similar in some respects to line, with each media company delivering a channel that mainly consists of the company’s own content, plus small amounts of licensed contentment.

Still, there are some significant differences in the new normal as compared to how TV Euphemistic pre-owned to work, even beyond the fact that the content is now delivered settled the Internet. For example, the services aren’t bundled, so viewers can pick and elect which channels to pay for, and there are far fewer (and in some cases, no) commercials.

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