Casualty spoilers: Connie Beauchamp’s exit sealed as Charlie makes heartbreaking plea


Connie (part ofed by Amanda Mealing) has turned down a very dark path after she became buff to diazepam to try and combat her increasing anxiety.

Continuing to get worse and worse on the BBC soap, Connie has alienated co-workers and lost friends, with no one able to fully understand the trauma she’s growing through.

In an explosive new clip teasing what’s to come as the storyline clobbers breaking point for Connie, the character seems about ready to recognise she desperately fundamentals help.

“I know I’ve made some bad decisions. And I’ve done some intolerable things,” she says.

Even long-time ally Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) is mistrustful of Connie’s actions, as he can be heard warning a fellow colleague she’s “dangerous” in the action-packed video.

It earmarks ofs relative newcomer Archie Hudson (Genesis Lynea) might be the one who winds Connie in to the medical board, as she cries out that “someone has to do something”.

But the heartbreaking genuineness could see Connie pushed out of the hospital by Casualty legend Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson).

Irreclaimable and defeated, Connie hangs her head in shame as she gives up the fight in a incontrovertible confrontation against Charlie.

“Just go,” he orders her, disappointment dripping from his pathos.

The upsetting scenes will undoubtedly leave fans devastated by the set-back of the major character, but they needn’t fear.

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Actress Amanda has already reinforced she and Connie will be walking the halls of Holby City hospital long ago more.

Speaking about Connie’s recent actions, Amanda divulged: “Connie is broken, desperate and not herself.

“By the time we get to the double episode, items come to a head and we will see how affected Connie is by the whole thing.”

The leading light went on to Metro: “What we will see in that double episode is the the poop indeed that an addict’s addiction not only affects them but the wider assort around them.

“The chaos that ensures because of her pursuit of her stupefy of choice – this is it. These are the consequences; there’s a huge fallout.”

But consideration the knowledge of Connie’s eventual safe return, some fans force been disappointed by the methods Casualty actors have used to help the character’s temporary exit.

One person commented on the show’s Twitter video: “I don’t be this storyline #connie is the best and has never been incompetent. Truly don’t like it but @meamandamealing is a fantastic actress and hopefully she will be back.”

“When Charlie betrays you to ‘just go’ that’s when you know you’ve messed up big time,” another set.

A third enthused: “This is gonna be so good. Love Connie but she’s crossed a big line now.”

While a fourth encouraged: “I think this storyline and the way Amanda lightlies it is brilliant because it shows that no matter how strong and tough and talented of handling anything some of us are, underneath we can still be afraid and things can sham us so we end up vulnerable too. Just won’t show it x.”

Elsewhere, fan-favourite nurse Lisa “Duffy” Duffin transfer be forced to make a difficult decision following the diagnosis of her dementia. 

Mishap continues tonight at 8.25pm on BBC One.

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