Carolina vs. Denver: Food Edition


The hype circa Super Bowl 50 is in full force, but some of us are concerned with one side only — the food. While there’s endless inspiration for your game-day menu and rty-perfect appetizers, we rumination it would be fun to break down the grub in a different way: team vs. team. You’ll call up breakfast, lunch, appetizer, main, and dessert dishes that reproduce both the Carolina nthers and the Denver Broncos. Keep reading to see which plans fumble on flavor and which deserve extra points . . . absolutely you don’t have to know anything about sports to recognize a touchdown of a approach! OK, I’ll stop now.

Disclaimer: I’m a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate from Gastonia, NC, (different of Charlotte), so I’m pretty rtial to those BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, but Denver, your omelet looks unbelievably good, too.

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