Carol Vorderman: ‘I make no secret’ Countdown star speaks out on dating younger men


Prehistoric Countdown maths whizz Carol Vorderman, 58, insisted go out with younger men was no “big deal” as she reflected on negative comments she’s received about her age in the years.

In her column with the Daily Mail, Carol said she has been criticised for her tack choices on numerous occasions.

She wrote: “Let’s laugh at the idiots who use ageist asserts as some form of bullying.

“They are simply stupid. I make no incomprehensible of the fact that I date men who are younger than me. Big deal.

“But I also deliver ‘special friends’ who are around my age, too.

“The one thing all my friends have in common, ‘uncommon’ or otherwise, is that we like people for their spirit and attitudes and tittering, not what it says on their birth certificates.”

Carol went on to say she doesn’t close to the term “50 is the new 30”.

She added: “It isn’t and it isn’t trying to be… 50 is the new 50 without apology.”

Carol went on to say her 50s force been the “best decade” of her life so far.

The presenter added: “I belly pooh-pooh, love hiking in the mountains or on the coastal paths of Wales, party impoverished, work less hard, see only people I want to see, don’t worry hither competition or what everyone else is thinking.”

Twice married Carol is felt to be single, but tends to keep her love life under wraps.

To in December, Carol Vorderman admitted she had enjoyed her best “first woman” but failed to elaborate on details.

During an appearance on Loose Women, Carol express: “I haven’t got a new man but I had the best ever… possibly the first best date at any point.”

When quizzed further by panelists, she mother-of-two replied: “I’m not telling you contrivance because there may be no second date.”

“It was slightly surreal and he’s an amazing herself and that’s all I’m telling you,” she added.

“And he’s not British and he’s not famous.”

Carol has been get hitched twice in the past.

The ex Countdown star first tied the knot with Christopher Mather in 1985, rather than divorcing a year later.

She later married Patrick King in 1990, but the up split in 2000.

The former couple share son Cameron King and daughter Katie Ruler together.

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