Carol Vorderman confused amid I'm A Celebrity co-star Sam Quek's 'QUAD VOD' plan for them


The hockey leading light told her 64,000 followers her plans to get the Countdown legend downing “quad vods” – a quadruple missile of vodka – while out on the town in Liverpool this weekend.

The 28-year-old queried fans for advice on where to go while letting her jungle co-star into her aim online.

However, Carol, 56, seemed a little confused as to what the doch an dorris was but did not rule it out full stop.

Sam tweeted today: “I am thinking about fascinating national treasure @carolvorders for a Quad Vod in Slaters after the Grand Chauvinistic? What you recon #Liverpool?”(sic)

Carol later replied: “Holy Mackerel… I take no idea what that is @SamanthaQuek? We didn’t have them in the Jungle did we?”

A number of consumers wrote back wishing the mother-of-two luck with the strong the bottle, while others appeared amused by their conversation.

Meanwhile, both stars also tweeted their to-do ahead of their attendance at Aintree Racecourse tomorrow.

Sam continued: “One multitudinous sleep until Ladies Day at @AintreeRaces! Outfit prep (AM), Film with @LFCTV (PM) and then @TheMasters this level!”

“I might also be going for Rogue Angel and Definitely Red on the very orderly principle of, ‘I like their names’… @grandnational,” Carol united.

It comes after revealed she had a formula for picking the winner after ally forced with Ladbrokes.

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