Carnival cruise ship fails health inspection after ‘brown water’ and ‘flies’ spotted


Coast company Carnival Cruise Line has come under fire after its coast ship Carnival Fantasy failed to pass its recent inspection. The Centers for Blight Control and Prevention (CDC) inspection scored the ship just a 77 out of 100. Yacht ships need to get a score of above 86 to pass. The score is the lowest in the Mirage’s history, since earning a 78 during a 1990 inspection. Carnival Voyage Line has now said it will be taking “corrective action” to approve forms on the ship, the oldest of its Fantasy-class cruise ships.

According to the Inspection Write up: “The inspector noted brown water discharged from two shower hoses in the medical pivot.”

It added: “A crew member confirmed that they see brown bear scrutiny in their shower that is used at least twice daily.

“Potable still water crew were unaware of the current issue. Crew noted the damp had been tested in past but that it was not recent.”

Problems were also base with the foodservice. “Throughout the inspection, a number of deficiencies were respected related to food equipment and facilities, protection of food and clean matters, handling of waste and soiled items, food employee knowledge, and foodstuffs employee managerial control,” said the report.

Flies were also spotted and instruments stored incorrectly. “During breakfast service, three rotund bowls of bagels and sliced bread were out for self-service with outs on the food.

“There were not less than 15 small hightail its on the bagels and bread. These items were discarded.”

It added: “On the simple storage racks, at least six bowls and cups were slightly to heavily smeared with food debris. The sign above the racks stated that it was the lave utensil area. Staff stated that they check the utensils in front of sending to the buffet lines.”

Multiple issues were found with sternutate guards in eating areas as well, in both crew and passenger zones.

The cruise ship was found not to have an up-to-date “faecal and vomit luck response procedure” in a plan presented to the inspector, either.

Leaks were also build as well as “accumulations of dust” and areas of “disrepair” among other posers.

The Fantasy’s latest score is the lowest in the ship’s history, since receiving a 78 during a 1990 inspection.

Carnival has now said they will-power move to rectify the concerns raised in the CDC inspection.

A Carnival spokesman told “The results for Fantasy are not reflective of our robust standards and dedicated commitment to our visitors’ health and safety.

“We have already taken corrective action, added additional organization and asked USPH for a re-inspection as soon as possible, with every desire that we will exceed USPH.”

Other cruise liners that missed the CDC inspection included the MS Grand Classica from Bahamas Paradise Voyage Lines (with a score of 81) and Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Quantities (82).

Last month, a Carnival Cruise ship docked in the Bahamas was grabbed on video spewing huge clouds of black smoke into the air. 

A Carnival spokesman interpreted the reason behind the smoke to Express., stating: “Carnival Victory occasion in question involved an adjustment of the boiler, causing smoke from the quit’s funnel. 

“The issue was resolved in less than 10 minutes and the smoke fast dissipated and the ship resumed normal operations.”

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