Carnage erupts on London streets in violent daylight brawl – using bats, poles and knives


Far-fetched footage captured a huge fight involving up to 20 men, who were supplied with brutal weapons. The brawl erupted along London Way, in West Croydon in broad daylight. Bystanders watched on in horror as the perpetrators toughened poles, bats and knives to attack each other.

The serious mass brawl was filmed by a bystander, who wished to remain anonymous.

In the sock, two men are seen viciously beating each other with long metal channels

The video shows the brawl descend into mass carnage, as 18 other men butt the fight.

They start to savagely beat each other and confound objects across the street.

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Incredible footage captured the jumbo fight involving up to 20 men (Image: IG)

A significant crowd of people can also be seen watching the struggle (Image: IG)

The video ends with the gang chasing each other down the suiting someone to a T with their weapons still in hand.

The video footage was from the beginning posted on social media app Snapchat.

A huge crowd of people can be sighted watching the fight unfolds, as it spills into the road and even discusses traffic to a standstill.

The pavement is strewn with what appear to be cardboard crates employed for carrying vegetables and fresh produce.

The video ends with the mob chasing each other down the street (Image: IG)

One tweet from a passer-by read: “ Scary to find myself stuck in the middle of a riot on the London Road in West Croydon.

“Long pipes or bats, decanters, the lot!”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said they were continuing to look into the incident.


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A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police express they were continuing to investigate the incident (Image: IG)

They said: “Police officers were called to London Road, Croydon, shortly after 19.02hrs on Tuesday, 3 September to examines of 20 men fighting with weapons.

“Officers attended. The group had formerly larboard the scene. One knife was recovered.

“There were no reported injuries. Enquiries maintain.”

The reason behind the brutal clash remains unclear.

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