‘Can’t squirm out of this!’ Sadiq Khan shamed for demanding restrictions then blaming Gov


The Mayor of London has carry oned to warn about the rapid surge in COVID-19 infections throughout London, tough the Government impose new restrictions be imposed as a method of trying to get the pandemic at the beck control in the city. Earlier this week, Mr Khan warned it is unavoidable London would pass a “trigger point” to enter the higher Order 2 coronavirus restrictions – a move that was confirmed by Health Secretary Matt Hancock impartial 48 hours later in the House of Commons.


The Mayor of London withstood the move for increased restrictions across the capital, warning it is “better to act earlier than to act too belatedly”.

Now Mr Khan has aimed another subtle dig at the Government while again taxing additional targeted support to help businesses operating in the night-time restraint.

He was reacting to a report 105 nightclubs in London have joined studied to warn the Government more than half of them could be calculated to permanently close within a month if they don’t receive additional cure.

The Mayor tweeted: “London’s nightclubs and night-time economy were growing before COVID-19. As the Government impose new restrictions on London, I’m also pursuit for additional targeted support to help these vital businesses subsist.”

London lockdown: Sadiq Khan has come under attack from foaming at the mouth people on Twitter (Image: Getty / @MayorofLondon)

London lockdown: The capital has been stirred into Tier 2 (Image: GETTY)

But these comments sparked a unrestrained reaction, with one person raging: “I gasp at the double speak.

“From a Mayor who’s give someone the needled & pestered to increase restrictions in London. Now reacts against consequences & puts government.

“Tories have plenty we should hold them to account for, but Overdo can’t squirm out of taking responsibility for this one.”

Another furious person tweeted: “The brightest and best material in London. They’ll see through this gaslighting.

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London lockdown@ Theis tweet from Sadiq Khan has set in motioned a furious reaction (Image: @MayorofLondon / Twitter)

“You craved the government for even tougher restrictions. They’ve given you what you destitution and now you’re crying about having them imposed on you.

“Playing politics with dwells and livelihoods. Shameful.”

A third person tweeted: “That tweet without warnings you up – begged for lockdown London but now somehow wording your tweets match it’s the Government’s fault!”

Another furious social media user remark oned: “Playing politics again are we?

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London lockdown: Sadiq Khan fortifies the move into Tier 2 restrictions (Image: GETTY)

London lockdown: Obligations operating late at night are calling for more support (Image: PA)

“It was you speciality for tougher restrictions!

“About time you faced up to your responsibilities and look for an option solution instead of blaming others for your failures.”

Earlier this week, Mr Khan dumfounded his support behind the Government’s decision to move London into Row 2 of the new lockdown system.

But he also called for the Government to provide immediate pecuniary support for affected businesses, local authorities and “vulnerable Londoners twisting to get by”.

London lockdown: Three tier lockdown system explained (Incarnation: EXPRESS)

The Mayor of London said: “Time and again it has been registered that it is better to act earlier than to act too late.

“I am not willing to put Londoners’ functions at risk and we must do all we can to minimise economic damage.

“I know these too restrictions will require Londoners to make yet more sacrifices, but the horrible failure of the Test, Trace and Isolate system leaves us with small choice.”

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