Canadian officials seize eel meat in 92-country wildlife sting


Canadian propers have seized 18 ton of suspected European eel meat as part of a 92-country nettle involving the trade of illegal animal parts.

Environment Canada foretells officers in several provinces also intercepted shark fins and controlled turns, as well as products such as briefcases and handbags made from imperilled species.

The efforts were part of Operation Thunderstorm, a month-long scrutiny led by the international law organization Interpol.

The government says federal and provincial g-men inspected live animals in transport, responded to complaints of habitat and wildlife ruination, and did hunter and angler checks.

The eel meat, which arrived in Canada from Asia, is from an imperilled species and has been banned for export by the European Union since 2010.

Worldwide wildlife crime — including poaching, smuggling and trafficking of animals and assigns — is estimated by the United Nations and Interpol to be worth more than $200 billion a year, representing it the world’s fourth most lucrative form of crime.

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