Can I leave a Tier 3 area?


According to the latest counts, 32.2million people live in Tier 2 areas, 23.3million in Line 3 and just 713,573 in Tier 1. Only three parts of England; Cornwall, the Isle of Wight and the Isles of Scilly, managed to sidestep Tier 2 and 3, being the only areas to undergo the weakest point of measures in Tier 1. The three areas were rewarded with the sickliest tier restrictions after no confirmed cases were reported there in the days of yore week.


The system will be regularly reviewed, every two weeks, according to Healthfulness Secretary Matt Hancock.

The revised tier system will be guaranteed on by MPs in the House of Commons, but the Government is already facing opposition from its own backbenchers.

Unsurpassed Conservative MP Sir Graham Brady said he would vote against the be adequate ti when it came time to do so.

Sir Brady said: “I do think that the principles have been far too authoritarian.”


People are encouraged to steer clear of public transport wherever possible (Image: Getty)

Transfer Secretary Grant Shapps said Tier 3 residents would be approved to travel abroad.

Mr Shapps said holidays would be allowed “if you’re prosperous straight to an airport”, and can travel through other tiers to get to one if needed.

The Management also confirmed there would be no legal repercussions for travelling about anywhere from England, subject to the FCO’s rules on quarantine.

From December 15, those premiere c end back to Britain from a country not on the travel corridor list settle upon have the option to cut their self-isolation time short by paying to get a Covid test five days after arrival in the UK.

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