California mudslides: Oprah reveals devastation at her home as death toll rises to 17


The 63-year-old TV MC and philanthropist used Instagram as a platform to show the extent of the damage and affliction, which has hit California in the wake of vicious wildfires which ravaged the southern have of the state last month.

Oprah shared clips from her haunt in Santa Barbara yesterday, with one showing what appeared to be a eager burning in the distance.

Another saw the star wading through knee-deep mud in the backyard of her brothel, pointing out wreckage and rubble which lay all around.
“There used to be a quibble right here,” she told her 12.1 million followers. “That’s my neighbours’ board… devastated.”
Oprah Winfrey showed her INstagram boosters the damage caused by the California mudslidesINSTAGRAM • OPRAH
Oprah’s yard was take overed with knee-deep mud
Deadly mudslides causes DEVASTATION in California
Thu, January 11, 2018
Mudslides, boulders and tons of debris ended at least 17 in communities along California’s scenic coastline devastated by a series of intense wildfires that burned off protective vegetation after month


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Destroyed homes are seen along San Ysidro Runnel near East Valley Road following the mudslide in Montecito

“This is how impenetrable the mud is,” she said, angling the camera down to show the expanse of mud covering the clay outside her home.

“The house in the back is gone.”

Oprah also pinned an emotional caption, saying: “What a day! Praying for our community again in Santa Barara.

“Woke up to this shooting gas fire, then swipe left to see how deep the mud is in my backyard.
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Oprah waded through the deep mudINSTAGRAM • OPRAH
California has been hit by dangerous mudslides“Helicopters rescuing my neighbours,” she added. “Looking out for missing men.”

She also assured her fans that her home wasn’t hurt badly, saying: “Thanks everyone for your prayers and concern.

“My realty is fine. Some mud and minor damage that pales in comparison to what my neighbours are thriving through.”
The number of deaths caused by the mudslides has risen to 17 as officials pull someones leg revised the number of missing people to eight.

Oprah also propped a video of a gas fire blazing in the distanceEllen DeGeneress, whose house is also put in the affluent area which has been hit by the mudslides, also spoke to Oprah on her talk display, Ellen.

FaceTiming the star, Ellen, 59, asked about the thrust of the situation.

Recalling the moment she woke up after the downpour hit, Oprah discerned her pal how the sky appeared to be “on fire” before adding: “The mountain looked like it was on be put on hold.”

She then explained that a gas fire ignited after an burgeoning caused by the damage.
“All of my neighbours homes are gutted,” she said. “The neighbours out servants, their houses are gone, just gone.”
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