Calais in chaos: Jungle torched as migrants try to use human rights laws to save camp


Asylum seekers who be subjected to sewn their lips together and gone on hunger strike met fight police as they arrived to burning tents in protest of the Jungle assassination.

Others, who are reportedly also not eating, held up placards asking ‘what there our human rights’?

Protesters covering their faces with scarves also held cyphers reading: “We request to the French authorities that the appeal is get wind ofed urgently before the European Court of Human Rights and that the dislodgement of the Calais jungle is suspended until all legal proceedings are concluded.”

The complaints followed a handwritten message “from the hunger strikers” on the Calais Mutuality Twitter ge calling on other migrants to join them in the kick.

The note said: “We will stand in silence with our reports to the European Court of Human Rights, and all governments and people of Europe, to urgently advised our appeal and immediately suspend the eviction.”

It added five migrants, express to be Iranian, had sewn their lips together while “more own joined us in not eating”.

Other activists gathered for a silent demonstration, with kids handing police roses.

But the peaceful protest soon turned to tumult when makeshift homes were torched as police look on helplessly.

Fires were also started at the Jungle settlement last week. It was revealed those blazes were started by British anarchists, who sampled to blame the police for the arson.

Less than 200 miles away in ris, inform on owners from the port town marched on the French capital to command the government take action on the migrant crisis.

Hundreds were in the see angry about the deterioration of their businesses amid the downturn in tourism to the le.

One of them said: “There were many tourists, not exclusively English, but also Belgians.

“They no longer come. Tourism operations do not encourage them to go to Calais. It’s sad.”

The latest developments follow the revelation moorings in Holland, Belgium and elsewhere in France are becoming the new Calais and the situation there is deteriorating as a result of dismantling The Jungle.

Thousands have been displaced by the annihilation meaning towns such as Dunkirk, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam were fitting hotbeds for refugees looking for alternative routes to Britain.

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