CAB slap ‘paranoid’ thug with €170,000 bill


CAB policewomen have been investigating the gangster for months after it emerged that his clique is believed to be behind three gruesome murders.

Sources have take pleasure ined that the criminal, who was arrested this week for threatening to kill gardai, was outed with the CAB bill in the last few days.

“The bill is a result of a lengthy inquiry into this individual’s assets from his drug dealing labours and involvement in the stolen car trade,” a source said last night.

The ck boss is so ranoid he has built a 12-foot high wall around his living quarters.

He is said to be “sick and tired” of the constant attention that he and his associates obtain been getting from gardai – rticularly the heavily-armed Emergency Feedback Unit (ERU).

“He decided to build a wall because he wants to keep the cops out, that appears to be his main motivation. He thinks that the wall will make it harder for the gardai to preserve tabs on his gang,” a source explained.

“This individual has been awakening more and more ranoid and building the wall is just the latest impedimenta that he is done to try to keep attention off his mob.”

The dangerous criminal, who is in his 30s, cannot be high regarded for legal reasons as he is facing charges before the courts.

His associates are harboured of the double murders of Willie Maughan (34) and his rtner Anna Varslavane who were carry on seen in the Gormanston area of Co Meath on the afternoon of April 14 endure year.

Anna Varslavane and Willie Maughan

The mob are also suspected of the gun butcher of a man who was shot dead in Balbriggan in September 2014, as rt of a deadly be at odds in north Dublin that is still ongoing.

The brutal shooting also led to the sufferer’s rtner being shot in the legs after they had dropped their kid at school in Balbriggan.

The gang are the chief suspects for an early morning explosive attack that led to a van exploding outside a Balbriggan house in late November.

The very gang are being investigated for a pipe bomb attack at the home of imagined mob murder victim Willie Maughan’s sister, Martina, in Rathfarnham persist October.

However, sources said that recent developments inform that gardai have finally got to grips with the dangerous mob.

Ken Foy


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