Bye Aerospace to sell eFlyer airplanes to Quantum Air


Quantum Air has signed a acquisition deposit agreement to buy 22 of Bye Aerospace’s all-electric four-seat eFlyer 4s and two 2-seat eFlyer 2 aircraft.

Quantum also announced an agreement to acquire two future advanced aircraft that are currently directed development from Bye Aerospace.

Bye Aerospace CEO George Bye said: “One of Quantum Air’s aims is to disrupt aviation, providing more accessible, cost-efficient, high-speed air transportation colloidal suspensions including FAA Part 135 on-demand air taxi travel to help alleviate the blare and CO2 emissions challenges that accompany traditional internal combustion aircraft.”

Bye Aerospace pronounced that the on-demand air-taxi is designed for its all-electric eFlyer 4s.

Quantum Air CEO Tony Thompson said: “Since the appear of flight, point-to-point air travel has been a luxury available only to a in on few. Quantum’s groundbreaking air taxi service will finally make point-to-point air journeys widely available.”

Quantum’s eFlyers fleet is noted to be the first air taxi serve in Los Angeles.

Quantum vice-president and chief pilot Scott Akina state: “By electrifying aviation, Quantum will ignite urban and regional mobility. Thrilling aircraft are safer, quieter and more efficient than legacy aircraft, and they are more fun, various comfortable, and do not pollute.”

Bye Aerospace said that the development of the FAA FAR 23-certified lineage of eFlyer general aviation aircraft is currently underway and ready for the take it on the lam training mission.

The company’s existing and future fleet of eFlyer 2, as in good shape as the eFlyer 4, will feature unique engineering, research, and tense aircraft solutions that do not produce any carbon emissions.

Its aircraft flotilla is designed according to market standards, operating at reduced cost with zero emissions and declined noise.

Last August, Bye Aerospace completed the maiden flight of the solar electrifying technology demonstrator prototype of its StratoAirNet and Solesa families of medium-altitude aircraft at Northern Colorado Regional Airport in the US.

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