Buried knife found at OJ Simpson's home 'fits the bill'


Dr Irwin Joyous, who performed both autopsies as LA’s deputy medical examiner in 1994, articulate the victims’ horrific wounds were inflicted with a blade of at slight four inches.

The blade on the steel knife currently being assessed by police for DNA and fingerprints is five inches long and heavy enough to be experiencing been used to almost decapitate Nicole.

“If the knife found is four inches or longer, and unbearable, then it certainly fits the bill as a possible murder weapon,” Dr Cherished said.

A construction worker found the knife buried near the fringes of the property in LA’s Brentwood area in 2002 and handed it to a friend who was a retired above police officer.

The officer claims he alerted the Los Angeles Police Division but was told there was “no interest” as former NFL star Simpson had been acquitted.

Care of US “double jeo rdy” law Simpson cannot be prosecuted again for the same misdemeanours.

Simpson, 68, is serving a 33-year sentence for kidnapping and armed depredation but will be eligible to make his first role application next year.

Yale Galanter, the attorney who take oned him at his latest trial, said last night: “If it’s there – hair, fingerprints, DNA, blood – the scientists commitment be able to find it.

“Whether they will be able to link it is a unconditionally different story.

“He can never be charged again. This would be simply one more piece in the cascade of evidence they believed was against him.”

Asked what Simpson weight be thinking about the discovery of the knife, he added: “I think he’s laughing appreciate everybody else who knows anything about this case.”

Simpson’s showy acquittal in 1995 in what was dubbed America’s “trial of the century” is repudiate in the public eye in the current US Fox TV mini-series American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson.

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