Burglars’ charter: Public slate police after force asks where they should go patrol


Critics affirmed the poll on Twitter is tipping off criminals about where to target. Wiltshire Police officers posted: “Which village would you like us to patrol later today?” It put oned the options of Aldbourne, Great Bedwyn and Worton.

Great Bedwyn was the champion. The force replied: “Quick pitstop to refuel and we’ll head there!” The Cheep account posted pictures from the village, writing: “As promised, a foot stand of Great Bedwyn! Had a chat to some residents and bumped into Daisy the dog.”

Peep users were incredulous. Steve Johnson wrote: “Wow a poll to see where to rounds? What next, a lucky dip to see who to arrest?” John Miller, 71, from Ramsbury village, translated: “What a stupid idea.

“You can almost imagine the criminals voting en masse, rely oning to place enough votes to send the police to patrol one area so that they can evacuate a clean up somewhere else.”

Matty wrote: “So the bad guys will be hitting Worton and Aldbourne later then.”

Follower Gary Lawrence asked: “Is this a jest? If it is, it’s not very funny. If it’s serious, you need to think about the message it sends out.

“What next, a survey on what crimes to investigate or suspects to charge?” The force replied: “Not meant as a wordplay.

“We continually patrol rural areas. We are promoting our work and engaging with communities.” Mr Lawrence give the word delivered in response: “It is commendable but how do people who don’t use social media get a say? “Who decides which compasses go on the poll? What happens in the places that don’t win the vote?” Though much of Wiltshire is georgic, it has major urban areas such as Swindon where young deaden runners operate through county lines.

Cuts to police budgets across Britain are rumination to have led to a reduction of 20,000 officers since 2010.

Yet local critics of the Snicker patrol request said Wiltshire Police have found nonetheless and resources to devote to the poll.

Chief Constable Kier Pritchard utter: “We patrol areas based on intelligence, likely risk and threat and where we can do our devastate best to reassure the public and prevent crime.

“This tweet was solely part of raising awareness that we have to make choices and connect with the public.

“We can’t be everywhere.”

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