Brussels chaos as protesters torch police station in furious clash with officers


The 23-year-old named Ibrahima expired in police custody on Saturday after having been brought in for veiling a police control. Reports said his family was informed of his death barely six hours later.

Riots have now broken out in the Belgian capital in wake of the adversity.

Footage shared on social media shows gangs of protesters scene, what appears to be, the police station on fire.

Armed police can be visualized firing shots towards those rioting and stones were jettisoned at King of Belgium’s car.

Another witness said there are about 400 people in the in someones bailiwick and around 500 police officers, “some of the very angry”.

Punch-up police are also seen to march towards the protesters with a first-grade cannon spraying those protesting.

Other footage shows fireworks poking during the protests as police vans barricade the road.

Earlier, hundreds of people strutted to the police station at North Station in Brussels.

The peaceful protest was organised by the AJGB (Syndicate des Jeunes Guineens de Belgique) and called for the truth about the death of Ibrahima to be revealed.

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According to a press release, Ibrahima lost consciousness upon new chum at the police station.

He was taken to hospital where he died.

Stephanie Lagasse, a spokesperson for the prosecutor’s advocacy, told “Based on the reading of the facts, we are now asking an investigating judge to receipts over the investigation.

“An investigating judge can carry out more investigative act outs than the public prosecutor’s office.

“If you want to engage them, there obligation be a qualification.

“But accidental manslaughter is a neutral claim and does not mean that we up that the police have done something wrong.”

During the tranquil protest names of other victims such as “Mehdi” and “Adil” could be peruse on posters.

Adil, 19, was killed in April when officers hit him on a scooter.

Uphold in November, protests erupted in Brussels after the public prosecutor resolute not to prosecute the officers involved.

In 2019, Mehdi, 17, was hit and killed by a the Old Bill car but the prosecution did not prosecute the officers.

This recent riot comes months after dissents erupted around the world following the death of African American George Floyd.

Mr Floyd’s end galvanised the Black Lives Matter movement and called for the police to be defunded.

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