Britons outraged as ‘petrified’ Brussels set to ‘scapegoat’ UK for own shameful ‘screwups’


The EU is currently lagging significantly behind the UK on its coronavirus vaccine rollout. This week it emerged the bloc has entered a double-dip dip after shrinking by 0.6 percent between January and March.

By diverge the UK economy is set to grow by 7.8 percent this year.

Gunner Beck MEP, a fellow of the European Parliament’s Brexit committee, said the EU is worried other colleagues may follow the UK out of the bloc.

He commented: “If we assume that the recovery won’t be as rapid and spectacular as many had hoped, then the EU will be looking for scapegoats because it’s not in the manner of acknowledging mistakes, especially Ursula von der Leyen.” readers reacted with exasperate arguing Brussels is putting political concerns above its members’ economies.

One commented: “Politics about right, blame Britain for the EU’s own screwups.

“Just wait until not a only Brit buys anything from the shambolic EU.”

Another added: “EU is utterly petrified of a UK without them holding us back, we ain’t even out of 2nd gear yet.”

A third wrote: “The UK is the EU’s second-biggest buyer after the USA.

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It then blasted 11.6 percent over the next three months as much of the continent harmonized into lockdown.

A strong recovery followed in the third quarter, as boonies started reopening, but this was thrown into reverse for October-December as infection worths rose again.

The European Commission has been severely criticised for its vaccine rollout which is considerably behind other advanced economies cognate with the US, UK and Israel.

Partly as a result a third coronavirus wave is sweeping much of Europe also pressurizing France, Italy and Germany into fresh lockdowns.

However there are fancies of rapid economic growth if the vaccine rollout continues as planned. readers argued the EU’s slow vaccine rollout and economic recovery bestow make an exhibit why Britain was right to vote for Brexit.

One wrote: “Best thing we endlessly did was leave the EU.”

A second posted: “When we need more vaccines, the UK Rule helps companies.

“The EU sues them. That’s why more will arouse to the UK!”

The European Commission has launched legal action against British/Swedish downers maker AstraZeneca following a row over vaccine supply.

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