Briton, 58, dies on Ryanair flight due to depart for Scotland after emergency treatment


Ryanair has mattered its “deepest sympathies” after a female passenger died onboard one of its plains bound for Scotland from Mallorca. A female passenger tragically unfashionable away just before it was due to depart for Edinburgh. The tragedy happened at noon today, according to the local approach, as she was preparing to travel from the Palma airport of Son Sant Joan to Edinburgh. The maidservant is believed to be 58 years of age. Additional reporting by Rita Sobot.

Starts say she became ill inside the plane.

Paramedics were called on board to arrogate her but there was nothing they could do to help her and she was pronounced dead.

A forensic doctor was cried to the airport, together with several police officers.

The plane could not something goodbye at the scheduled time due to the incident but took off three hours later.

Riders had been asked to disembark whilst the medics were on board.

The eradication of the British woman has been reported to the Palma court, which has unsettled proceedings, according to Diario de Mallorca.

The autopsy, which is expected to be performed tomorrow, discretion clarify the causes of death.

The main hypothesis is that she suffered a humanity attack.

A spokesperson for Ryanair told “This flight from Palma to Edinburgh (22 May) was waited ahead of take-off after a customer became ill prior to departure.

“Paramedics accommodated the aircraft after medical assistance was requested but the customer sadly quaint away.

“Ryanair extends its deepest sympathies to the bereaved and is providing any help required.”

Meanwhile, in a completely separate incident earlier this year, Virgin Atlantic travellers were screened after landing at Gatwick Airport after abatement sick while on board a plane transporting passengers from a boat ship.

Emergency services surrounded the plane after flight VS610 landed at Gatwick at 5.25am.

All guys were then taken for a four-hour screening process, with two right away transferred to hospital.

Images quickly surfaced on Twitter, taken by travellers who were kept in a separate area of the West Sussex transport hub, conduct the events which unfolded.

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