British film wins top prize at Russia’s KROK animated film festival


The KROK Ecumenical Animated Film Festival, which took place in Russia from Sept. 30 to Oct. 7, has granted its prizes: the British animation Edmond by Nina Gantz was the winner of the Grand-Prix at the 23rd copy of the annual film festival. It tells the story of an oddball whose trouble for love and desire to be close to others is so strong that unbeknownst to himself he matures a cannibal.

Special prizes from the jury went to three other depictions: the Italian comedy Merlot by Marta Gennari and Giulia Martinelli; the Chinese theatre Löss by Yi Zhao; and Two Friends, the story of the friendship between a frog and a worm, which the Russian top banana Natalya Chernysheva shot at the French film school La Poudrière. Two Co-workers also won the Audience Award at the festival.

The Tonino Devoted Prize, dedicated to the Italian playwright Tonino Guerra, was given to Detriment and the Russian cartoon film Pochemu Banan Ogryzaetsya (“Why the Banana Is Grumpy”) by Svetlana Razgulyayeva.

The American haze The Last Judgment by Junyi Xiao from China won the award for Finery Student Film.

A total of 139 films from 42 boonies were shown at the KROK film awards this year. The jury consisted of a Mr Big; Igor Kovalyov, one of the founders of Pilot, the legendary animation studio; the Indian Canada entrepreneur Biren Ghose; the European director Izabela Plucinska; the Swiss critic Otto Alder and the Canadian creator scal Blais.

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