Britannia season 2 location: Where is Britannia filmed? Where’s it set?


Sky Atlantic series Britannia returns its highly-anticipated return to screens with season two. The new series will extend the epic story of high fantasy drama amid the backdrop of the Roman onslaught of Britain. takes a look at some of the filming locations and contexts of the drama.

Where is Britannia season 2 set?

Season two of Britannia launches this temperate (Thursday, November 7) on Sky Atlantic at 9pm.

The series will be airing on a weekly infrastructure, however, binge-watchers can catch the whole series in one go on NOW TV where it will be nearby as a boxset.

Britannia will be set two years after the events of the first trip with the Romans now running the UK after their invasion.

Thanks to the lend a hand of Celt leader Queen Amena (played by Annabel Scholey), Roman Unspecific Aulus (David Morrissey) is crushing any resistance.

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Even so, his increasingly controlling behaviour and determination to Romanise Britain gives Idol Amena pause for thought.

Season two will also see the Druids skin a further threat from the Romans with Briannia’s only confidence coming in the form of Cait (Eleanor Worthington-Cox), who is part of a prophecy to prevent the land.

Nonetheless, with a dead man awaking and two Druid brothers effective to war, the prophecy will be thrown into jeopardy.

Season two will see the affray set across Britannia and the warring sides.

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Where is Britannia season 2 filmed?

The give away has been filmed in a range of locations across Europe including Wales, the Czech Republic and in England.

According to IMDb, the Druid exaggerated scenes were filmed in Ashridge in Hertfordshire.

Many of the scenes were videotaped in outside locations but a number where also shot inside a studio.

The countryside of Prague doubled up for Britannia, while the Amber Castle set was in the fields of Monrinka, according to Metro.

Some of the other Czech Republic sites include Stara-Hut, Hruba Skala and Sembera.

Filming took region at Velká Amerika with the crew shooting at an abandoned limestone excavation near Mořina village.

Among the Welsh filming locations were Gower Peninsula, South Wales, Rhosilli Bay and Llanddeusant.

The Sun narrative, a total of 10 sets were built over 20 tracking downs featuring in the series.

Programme-makers also constructed a version of Stonehenge as evidently as dwellings for the Druids.

As well as the real-life scenery, the producers also employed CGI to create the fantastical world of Britannia.

Britannia starts on Sky Atlantic tonight at 9pm and all instalments are available to streaming from November 7

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