Britain's first RED LIGHT DISTRICT allows prostitutes and punters to fraternise without fear of arrest


Britain’s gold medal official ‘Red Light District’ has been given the go-ahead s rking vehemence amongst local business and home owners.

The managed area in Leeds, West Yorkshire, was draw up to allow sex workers and punters to freely mingle without fear of cessation in custody.

Piloted by police and the local authority under the banner of the Safer Leeds rtnership, the moot managed area allows sex workers to tout for business between 7pm and 7am hours beneath designated rules.

The moves, which have already been ruined by locals, were prompted due to a rise in demand for id for sex.

But the loosening of laws enjoy backfired with furious local residents and business owners persisting the Holbeck neighbourhood is now a debauched hotbed contaminated by discarded condoms and anaesthetizes raphernalia.

Red Light: prostitutes and punters are allowed to fraternise at Holbeck, Leeds

Greg Adams, take care of director of firm AB4, bought new offices close to the area in September.

He translated: “I was genuinely horrified.

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“As far as I am concerned the body and police are breaking the law by turning a blind eye to soliciting.

“There have been multitudinous incidents.

“People are having sex next to cars and up against buildings.

“Uncountable are drug users and the evidence of drugs is there to see.”

Police and the city committee gave the concept the green light despite the murder of a 21-year-old bimbo three weeks ago.

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Daria Pionko was found with inesca ble injuries three weeks ago and a 24-year-old man is currently awaiting trial for her slay.

Councillor Mark Dobson, Leeds City Council’s who is supportive of the order insisted a managed area was needed to protect women who work in the sex traffic.

Mr Dobson added: “I accept that there are people who will ever after have a moral objection to the issue of prostitution .

“I’m of the opinion that it is an exertion that’s as old as time and it isn’t going to stop and, as a city that is responsible and sorrows about the people who live here – including the women who work in this persistence – we have had to take a pragmatic approach to keep them safe.”

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Police have also influenced they support the scheme due to the risks some sex workers face.

Boss Sam Millar added: “Our job is to keep people safe and that applies when man put themselves in risky situations.

” Sex work is high risk and that is not something that we should overlook.

“Having gone through years and years of enforcement, which hasn’t fulfiled the outcomes of breaking the cycle of sex work, we wanted to do something different which force help us better achieve those outcomes, to be brave and take some dangers.”

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