BRITAIN’S BISCUIT CRISIS: Ginger nuts back in weeks – but still NO BOURBONS


Eruption Desmond, which hit the north of Britain before Christmas, caused a biscuit disaster after floods hit a huge factory in the north-west.

United Biscuits, which is behind name brand names such as McVitie’s, Jacobs, Carr’s and Crawfords, had to halt assembly of Britain’s favourite tea dunkers and bosses refused to set a return date on the top-selling elevenses.

Today, however, news was finally given on the return of ginger nuts, when Synergistic said by the end of this week they are expected to be producing more than 250,000 of the McVitie’s biscuits every hour.

Works general manager Mike Heaney said: “It’s been horrific not to be baking biscuits.

“And loyal Ginger Nut fans want them ago on shelves as quickly as possible.”

However, there is still no news on other chosens including bourbons and custard creams.

Total damage is estimated at £500million with 43,000 places left without power. Some 6,000 families in Cumbria, the com ss around the factory, were affected.

News of the shortages brought terror-struck to social media. Richard Jones wrote on Twitter: “There’s a ucity of Custard Creams?! Jesus H Christ. I’m off to bulk buy.

“Best case. I tease a huge stash. Worst case. I have a huge stash.”

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