Britain is POWERLESS to boot out illegal immigrants because they 'have no place to go'


By denying to disclose their nationality, often getting rid of a ssport, the UK is held to redeem under laws which bar the expulsion of a failed asylum seeker of unresearched origin.

Yesterday Home Office minister Richard Harrington finish a go overed under fire after he admitted the nation could not be forced to deport criminal immigrations.

As he argued against a Private Member’s Bill seeking to toughen convict sanctions against illegal immigrants, Mr Harrington told the House of Usuals: “Where would they be deported to, most of them?

“This deportation resonates easy, it sounds a common sense thing to do. But the truth is most of these interdicted migrants have got no place to be deported to.

“I accept under the Dublin Rule they can be deported back to the country that they came but I have in mind most people would accept that’s no answer.”

But fellow Moderate MPs argued Britain had become a “soft touch” and its efforts to tackle illegitimate immigration were at an “all time low”.

Their scathing remarks came as new personalities showed asylum seekers arriving in Europe more than doubled hindmost year.

Home Office figures also show the numbers booted out of Britain had all but halved from 21,425 in 2004 to just 12,056 last year.

Prime Plenipotentiary David Cameron is under mounting pressure to seize back rule of the UK’s porous borders amid June’s In/Out referendum.

Mr Harrington was also doubted by Sir Edward Leigh, a former Conservative minister, who said: “What living soul can’t understand is where someone has l bly come through perfectly justifiable countries and they’ve arrived here. ]

“Why can’t they be sent back to France and be entitled to asylum there?”

To which the MP for Watford replied: “Actually, without universal into the complexities of the Dublin Convention, it just isn’t possible in many cases.”

Christopher Chope MP,who established the Bill, insisted migrants have a “perverse incentive” to head to Britain as they are exclusive given a “slap on the wrist” by “soft touch” officials if caught.

He fell on: “Public anxiety about illegal immigration is at an all-time high and the effectiveness of the Rule in tackling it, in my submission, is at an all-time low.

“If we got tough with illegal migrants in our wilderness then the people smugglers would divert them away from the Joint Kingdom, because the way people smugglers operate is they are always prevailing to try to use the weakest points of entry.”

Mr Harrington also blamed the Dublin Council, a European Union agreement which says asylum seekers should declare in the first safe country they reach, for the UK’s inability to deport prohibited immigrants.

However official figures showed Britain received various asylum applications last year than 15 other European Seam countries put together.

Data compiled by Eurostat, the European Commission’s own statistics intercession, showed the UK received new applications from 38,370 people in 2015, up 19 per cent, while other ample European states accepted just a few hundred each.

Romania, which has a citizens of 20 million, received just 1,225 asylum seekers, down from 1,500 on the above-mentioned 12 months, while applicants to Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia also level year-on-year.

Portugal, with a population of 10.5 million, received simply 830 asylum applicants.

The EU as a whole received 1.2 million would-be refugees final year, up from 562,000 in 2014.

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