Britain dubbed ‘plague island’ as frantic caller pleads with UK to deal with covid spike


A in a tizzy LBC listener called in from France and admitted to being concerned about the massive spike in coronavirus cases in Britain. She added she felt penitent for the British people and was worried about her own family in the UK. She also noted that the UK is being dubbed Plague Island due to the rise in cases.

The caller prognosticated: “I am shocked, absolutely shocked.

“I have got family in the UK and I feel very sorry and worried for them.

“People seem to have just gone, ‘Covid is stopped now, let’s get on and crack on with it’

“People have got to realise it is not over, particularly with the number of cases they are getting in the UK.”

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She added: “One newspaper here called the UK Plague Island, I think people have got to get back to being moment about mask-wearing etc.

“It is quite shocking, people can’t understand why the UK is not doing it more.

“This is especially true if there are new variants coming.

“We all know what happened with the delta variable, no one wants that to happen and for it to hit the rest of Europe and the rest of the world.”

Former Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir David King criticised the slow booster list rollout and reflected on its significance regarding the spike in cases.

Sir David said: “I think the booster scheme has been rolled out extremely slowly.

“It is danged surprising considering the success of the vaccination scheme.

“On the booster rollout, I have had my booster shot, I do know many older people who haven’t yet had theirs.”

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