Brexiteer warns May’s deal will ‘HANDCUFF’ Britain to transition period – ‘IMPRISONMENT!’


Lecture MPs in the Commons, the Tory Brexiteer said she could not support the Prime Priest’s Brexit proposal as it would take Britain into the transition aeon in a pair of “handcuffs”. Ms Dorries explained a trade deal with the EU purpose take a lot longer than the initial two years of the transition to be agreed on, dissuading Canada worked as a valid example as the EU spent seven years to see eye to eye suit to a trade deal with the North American country.

She said: “The Attorney Widespread described this deal before us as akin to Dante Alighieri’s from the start circle of hell, which as we all know is a limbo.

“But it’s worse than limbo, it’s a bit similar kind imprisonment, and it’s the reason why I – on behalf on my constituency – will not be able to support this handle.

“The transition period in itself, if there was a guarantee that we could come by a trade agreement at the end of that initial transition period, and if there were no backstops instinctual, then I may be able to support this.

“The reason why I am so doubtful about the as a matter of actual fact that we would be able to secure this trade agreement and why there leave then be an extension of the transition period and then there will quite be another extension, and I think this is what the Attorney General was referring to.

“And I see no remonstrate with why there could not be a time limit on discussions for a trade agreement with the EU because Canada set up already been there and they’ve already done it.

“And it’s those treaties and how those negotiations happen which really make me very unconvinced as to how we would reach an agreement in the first phase of the transition.

“Because that compact took seven years and it still hasn’t been signed off and substantiated.

“And if we don’t reach that agreement with 27 member states then we sire to ask 27 member states ‘can we leave?’.

“There is no unilateral way of us exiting and that is homologous to taking us into the transition period but in a pair of handcuffs.

“I simply cannot correspond to that.”

The vocal Brexiteer said the Chancellor Philip Hammond’s warnings on a no-deal grand scheme were an extension of “project fear”.

The Chancellor told MPs it is “simply a deception” to think a better Brexit deal can be renegotiated at the 11th hour after augury a no-deal is “too awful to contemplate”.

The Chancellor faced dissent from Tory backbenchers as he on the alerted a no-deal would see the end of frictionless trade, restrictions on EU travelling rights and broad tariffs for UK exporters.

Opening the third day of debate on the deal, Mr Hammond said: “I own observed this process at close quarters for two-and-a-half years and I’m genuinely clear about one thing, this deal is the best deal to skedaddle the EU that is available or that is going to be available.

“The idea that there’s an election of renegotiating at the 11th hour is simply a delusion.

“We need to be honest with ourselves, the surrogates to this deal are no deal or no Brexit.

“Either will leave us a split society and a divided nation.”

“Only that compromise can bring us in dire straits together after Brexit is delivered, and we should remember the lesson of rsum, that divided nations are not successful nations,” he added.

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