Brexit: What happens if your holidays are cancelled because of Brexit? Expert reveals all


Brexit is currently due to arise on 31 October but much uncertainty still surrounds the thorny area. Many Britons are concerned as to how Brexit will affect holidays after the set appointment. Travel insurance is the best way to protect your flights and holidays – but disposition Brexit affect your cover? MoneySuperMarket have shared their treks advice on how what it will mean for Britons’s travel insurance.

“Brexit remnants the hottest of political hot potatoes, with uncertainty and controversy surrounding the UK’s introduced exit date of 31 October 2019,” Anna Sant, travelling insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket, said.

“Given the turmoil, it’s challenging to suggest what would happen post-Brexit.

“For the time being, anyone migratory to EU countries should make sure they’ve got the right travel bond cover and know the rules about passports and driving abroad.

“Fascinating out travel insurance when you book your holiday also denotes you’re covered if you need to cancel – whether that’s due to illness or injury, a kinfolk bereavement or another emergency.”

It’s also vital to take your proceed insurance out when you book the trip rather than just previous to you travel.

“A third of all travel insurance claims are from people effacing before they go away, yet 38 percent of customers on MoneySuperMarket just buy their insurance on the day or the day before they travel,” said Sant.

Should Brexit begin travel disruption and trips and accommodation be cancelled – will travel bond cover pay out?

The answer is that this depends on your provider and the invariable of cover you have within your policy.

Be sure to look out for appurtenance benefits to your policy when you’re choosing your travel insurer.

“These can categorize scheduled airline failure (i.e. cover against the financial failure of any calendared airline), end supplier failure (i.e. a travel company going into regulation) or airspace closure,” said MoneySuperMarket.

“This provides compensation for the charge of unused travel or accommodation following the closure of airspace, airports or moorings on the day of travel.”

Medical cover is also set to change after Brexit as the European Healthfulness Insurance Card (EHIC) is unlikely to be valid if the UK leaves the EU without a practise.

“It will be even more important to have travel insurance to include the cost of medical treatment abroad,” said MoneySuperMarket.

“Even if EHICs stay put valid, it’s always best to take out travel insurance as well because this hand down cover you for a wider range of costs, including repatriation, which aren’t encompassed in the EHIC arrangements.”

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued advice on pilgrimages after Brexit. A spokesperson from the Foreign Office said: “If the UK hop its the European Union without a deal, visiting the EU will change. 

“Check into your passport, get travel insurance which covers your healthcare, curb you have the right driving documents and organise pet travel.”

Britons should be knowledgeable that it takes up to three weeks to renew a passport – but the process could advocate d occupy longer should more information be needed or your application has not been plentiful ined in correctly.

It costs £75.50 to renew or replace your passport if you put in online or £85 if you fill out a paper form.

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