BREXIT SHOCK: Michael Gove reveals ‘step change’ in preparations for ‘NO DEAL’ EU exit


The Circumstances Secretary was giving evidence to the Commons European Scrutiny Committee after a two lifetimes of political turmoil over Brexit.

Mr Gove said: “Defra is stepping up preparations for the chance, while no one wants it, that we would leave in March 2019 and then must to trade on WTO terms.”

He said he was sure Britain could secure post-Brexit gratis trade deal with the US but warned it would be “a mistake to underestimate” Donald Trump.

He set forwarded the president’s unorthodox deal-making style might mean agreement is on despite apparent obstacles.

Mr Trump last week suggested Theresa May’s blueprint for Britain’s post-Brexit relations with the EU could “snuff out” the chances of a free trade deal, because it would tie the UK to Brussels touchstones on issues like animal welfare and environmental protection.

Although he later asseverated Mrs May that he was happy with whatever arrangement she secured, so long as she “overstates sure we can trade together”, the US has previously indicated it would have pickles with rules which barred products like genetically-modified crops or hormone-treated beef from the UK.


Michael Gove be publishes before the European Scrutiny Committee

Mr Gove told the European Probe Committee that Mr Trump was known to take an unconventional approach to deal-making, avail oneself ofing “provocative” gambits to “disorientate” the other side “before coming to a not bad conclusion”.

He said: ”He is a very unique politician, but it is a mistake to under-estimate him.

“He has a rigorous political analysis and also he is a shrewd negotiator.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily rate this president’s deal-making style by the approach that others classically choose towards deals.

“Because his style is different that doesn’t purpose a deal is any more unlikely, it just means the route is rather multifarious of a roller-coaster.”


Michael Gove said their had been a ‘bow out change’ in preparations for a no-deal Brexit

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