Brexit plan: Farage reveals only way Boris Johnson can get no-deal through parliament


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Last Sunday Mr Farage revealed to a packed rally in Birmingham the ally had already found 100 candidates available to stand in the next assorted election. He however refused to name them as he claimed he wanted to stay until all 650 potential MPs were found. 

The Brexit Party flourishing on to a full election footing comes as a Cabinet minister said chief ministers now believe an election in October or November is “almost inevitable”.

Consuls already expect defeat at a by-election called in the Welsh constituency of Brecon and Radnorshire where the Tory MP Chris Davies was initiate guilty of fiddling his expenses.

A Cabinet minister told the Sunday Out-and-out last week: “The problem is that some of my Remainer colleagues want support a vote of no confidence in Boris.

“If we lose the by-election in Wales we discretion have a majority of just two, even with the DUP, so it will only engage one or two Remainer Conservative MPs to support the vote and we are facing an election.”

Indeed East Surrey MP Sam Gyimah on Sunday revealed at itsy-bitsiest 30 MPs may be considering voting against the Government to avoid a no deal: “I ponder there is a significant number – about 30, 30 plus – that when one pleases use legislative options to do two things.

“Stop the new Prime Minister from proroguing Parliament in on the blink to deliver no deal but also create options for the new Prime Minister so that no lot is not the only option we face on October 31.”

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