Brexit Party MEP candidate makes HILARIOUS dig at Theresa May ‘Dr Bull has a prescription’


Nigel Farage’s Brexit shindy held a rally in Fylde in Lancashire where MEP candidate Dr David Bull savagely before you can say Jack Robinson no way a dig at Theresa May for her Brexit failures. He mocked the Prime Minister as he suggested that he had a direction to deal with her obsession with her failed Brexit withdrawal covenant. He began by saying: “We had the vote it was amazing, the biggest democratic vote in the narration of Britain.

“17.4 million people in total voted to Leave, 3.5 million people in the northwest, as good as 60 percent here in Fylde actually voted to Leave and we ratiocination we were leaving

“But three years later, we haven’t left. Why is that?

“The end is Westminster and politicians do not want us to leave, across the parties, it is simply not satisfying.

“They are doing everything they can to ensure that we do not leave.

“Theresa May has charmed her deal back three times and after last night’s town elections she will be determined to get it back a fourth time.

“Now I can tell her as a doctor, the outlining of insanity is doing the same time and time again and expecting a exceptional result.”

At this point, the crowd erupted in laughter and applause at the Brexit Side candidate’s wit.

He continued: “So Theresa May, Dr Bull is going to get his prescription pad out because you desideratum some medication.”

The Conservative Party has seen over 1,300 councillors worsted their seats overnight amid a climate of growing resentment toward the British Rule for the delay of Britain’s departure from the European Union. 

European Study Group leader Jacob Rees Mogg believes that support this Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May will rush a joint Brexit engage in and bring it forward to the House of Commons.

The Prime Minister has come below fire from her own party and Brexiteers however, who are against the cross-party Brexit talks that are ongoing with Labour.

Fears surrounding this bring into focus on the possibility of a May and Corbyn deal including a customs union, an element that Brexiteers do not meditate on leaving the European Union.

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