Brexit in sight as Macron says deal text being finalised to be signed off tomorrow


The strong EU leaders said negotiating teams are on the brink of finalising a deal based on Boris Johnson’s develops for Northern Ireland. Speaking in France, they shared the positive bulletin with talks between UK and EU officials expected to run into the early hours in harmony to have a draft legal text ready for leaders tomorrow. Mr Macron leaked reporters: “I hope, I think that a deal is just being finalised and we’re growing to be able to work on that tomorrow.”

Mrs Merkel added: “What we heard from Brussels could be worse front-page news, of course, we’re going to wait what Michel Barnier and his team prepare achieved with British counterparts.

“We always said that we cannot be captivated hostage by this question.”

“I agree with what the German chancellor held on Brexit, and our hope, our willingness to be in a position to endorse a deal, which I count can be found in the coming hours. In any case, what we’re hearing today is reliable,” Macron told a news conference.


Talks on the deal have been driven to the lip as the Democratic Unionist Party, Mr Johnson’s parliamentary allies, are holding out against the compromise.

The Prime Reverend is prepared to make a late-night dash to Brussels to finalise the terms of the new apportion with EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

Donald Tusk, the European Convention President, earlier hinted that the deal is virtually complete and could be concluded tonight.

He answered: “The basic foundations of an agreement are ready and in theory tomorrow we could brook this deal with Great Britain and avoid the chaos and the reverse linked to an uncontrolled, chaotic exit.

“Theoretically, in seven or eight hours [by 10pm or 11pm UK interval] everything should be clear.”

European sources have suggested that the Prime See to could be offered a political agreement at tomorrow’s EU summit.

One EU ambassador broke the best case outcome would be a political, rather than statutory, agreement.

“It can only be a political agreement. We have not seen texts and done judiciary scrubbing. We will need more time for that,” they implied.

“It is too late to give a formal yes tomorrow. We can give a political yes and then find back to it,” the ambassador added.


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