Brexit fury: Theresa May negotiated Britain into ‘disadvantageous’ place


The UK and EU attired in b be committed to resumed face-to-face Brexit trade talks in London this weekend, as the deadline to punch a deal moves closer. The transition period is coming to an end in just across a month, but the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier claimed that talks will-power need to be done with “patience and communication” if both sides are capable to land a deal. Negotiations were halted last week after a associate of the EU’s team tested positive for coronavirus.


Tweeting on Friday, Mr Barnier revealed that the “same significant divergences persist” between the UK and the EU.

Both sides receive been in deadlock for months over issues such as fishing rights, governance of the accord, and the so-called “level playing field”.

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson resumes to insist that Britain is ready to leave the bloc without an treaty, John Longworth, the Director of the Centre for Brexit Policy has revealed why he thinks the Administration is currently trapped.

He wrote in a recent report: “It is down to that folding to focus on the economy, however, that many of our current troubles lie, as it owned the Remain-orientated, damage-limitation May administration, combined with an out-and-out Remain Parliament to make it through us into a very disadvantageous place.

Brexit fury: Theresa May come to termed Britain into ‘disadvantageous’ place (Image: GETTY)

The EU’s chief Brexit middleman Michel Barnier (Image: GETTY)

“It was a negotiation which was against our own citizen interests, conducted as if we should be forced to suffer for the heresy of denying the EU belief.

“The result is that the Government is now on a sticky wicket, trapped between the destitution of repudiating the previously ratified withdrawal agreement and seeking a deal which will-power seriously impact our ability to make the best of our new found economic freedoms. All the more Boris’ ‘Australia-style deal’ (WTO terms of trade, plus administrative mini-deals) wish end up with us looking less like what an Antipodean economic attainment and more like a version of its origins, a penal colony of the EU.”

For those who toss out ‘Aussie rules’, Mr Longworth argued, it is worth reflecting that for most of the newest 150 years Australia has had one of the highest GDP-per-capita ratios and growth reprimands in the world, outstripping its colonial motherland very early in its history.

Another riveting statistic is that only 13 percent of the UK economy and eight percent of occupations are involved with EU trade, the remainder being either purely home operators or trading instead with the rest of the world.

He added: “Any act on needs to be primarily favourable to these firms, rather than the EU and also to our outweigh service sector, for which there remains no single market in the EU to state of. The EU was after all, designed to suit German manufactures and French agriculture.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Image: GETTY)

EU-UK job talks (Image: GETTY)

“The withdrawal agreement put ones finger ons important limits on us, using the Northern Ireland Protocol as the tail to wag the UK dog, and the comprehensive EU definition of ‘state aid’ to limit our tax, regional and investment policies.”

Mr Longworth concluded in his percentage for Briefings for Britain: “The next few weeks will reveal to what enormousness the Conservative government has failed to deliver its Brexit manifesto commitments, to what situation exiting the transition period means an unsatisfactory outcome or a reasonable compromise.

“Either way, it is certainly uncongenial to be an ‘Australia deal’. Whatever the outcome, I fear the Brexit story purposefulness not have reached a conclusion.”

According to newspaper columnist Rod Liddle, not on the other hand former Prime Minister Theresa May negotiated Britain into a disadvantageous berth but she also failed to deliver Brexit because her ministers ended up “reveal her hand”.

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Former Prime Minister Theresa May (Image: GETTY)

In his 2019 book “The Great Betrayal”, Mr Liddle said: “Theresa May’s most important bargaining chip – we will leave with no deal – was rendered feeble by the actions of members of her own Cabinet and especially the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

“The correct close to negotiations would’ve been to explain to Barnier et al at the outset: ‘’We are give up the EU.’

“’We are perfectly happy to do so with no deal other than a WTO deal, and pay you nothing whatsoever.’

“‘But you are our boon companions and allies and we would like to be helpful…’ “

However, Mr Liddle noted that Mrs May could probably use the threat of no deal – which would be gravely injurious to countries within the EU – because the Damoclean sword was palpably false.

He explained: “At various stages, over the course of 18 months, when May and her band left for negotiations, Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, would state either that there was no conceivability of a no deal Brexit, or that a no deal Brexit would mean flats won’t be able to take off or that the economy would be ruined.

“Fellow front-bench Remainers echoed these reflects and added a few of their own.

“Seen from the EU perspective, this made it lustrous that ‘no deal’ was a paper tiger.

“It should have been the starting train a designate from which negotiations proceeded and of course, Hammond should induce been sacked.

“In short, May’s strongest weapon was effectively taken away from her.”

Mr Hammond hand over as Chancellor hours before Mr Johnson became Prime Minister in July.

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