Brexit commentator accuses Remainers of collusion with Brussels


Brexiteer and commentator Tom Harwood claimed that the EU and Remainer MPs procure been working together to disrupt Brexit. During an interview with Get, Mr Harwood claimed that Remainers across the continent were craving to force a bad Brexit deal on Britain in tjhe hope that it commitment result in the UK remaining in the EU. But he said this plot would ultimately disappear and explained the many reasons the UK would make a success of a no-deal Brexit.

He asseverated: “We have seen pretty unprecedented collusion between Remain MPs and exotic politicians in Brussels.

“They have been working together to try and oppose and cancel the referendum result.

“As long as MPs can hold up the pressure against the Top banana and against that vote, as long as MPs can make it look like we are not accepted to be prepared to leave with no deal, as long as MPs can try and frustrate that be produced end, the EU will drive as hard a bargain as they can and present a bad deal for the nation.

“That is what Remain MPs and anti-no deal MPs are doing.

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“They are redundant towards delivering a bad result, a bad deal.

“They think if they can yield a bad deal through the blocking of no deal then we might end up remaining.

“Okay, I am sorry that is not going to happen, we have to be able to say we are ready to Hand down on no deal, on WTO terms.

“We have to prepare for that and we have to acknowledge the gains that can actually bring to our country.

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