Brexit breakthrough: Brussels insider hints Brexit deal to be agreed by midnight


Prime Support Boris Johnson is in a race against the clock to secure a fresh compact for the meeting of European leaders starting in Brussels on Thursday. The Telegraph’s Brussels stringer, James Crisp, has claimed there is “a feeling” that a Brexit take care of could be achieved by midnight this evening. Speaking on his LBC radio present, Nigel Farage asked: “So is it possible that they can amend this compact and agree the legal text tonight?”

Mr Crisp replied: “Yes, I think when Michel Barnier talked back a legal text, what he means is something which is agreed by both the UK and the EU middlemen.

“He’s not talking about an entirely legally scrubbed, legally watertight, contract. He’s talking basically about a headline Brexit deal.

“The one thing I’d say here is that the vibe here in Brussels at the point in time is more optimistic than I’ve seen it really at any point in the Brexit negotiations.

“There’s a belief that a deal could be done before midnight tonight, which is a deadline which was set by Europe envoys in Luxembourg this morning.”

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He added: “Tomorrow Michel Barnier require brief the EU27’s ambassadors fully in the morning, and really that briefing discretion tell us, has a headline deal been agreed for the EU leaders to rubber-stamp on Thursday.

“But look, unchanging if there is a deal agreed, there’s still going to be technical issuances to resolve, and this is difficult.

“I mean, Brexit has been difficult, no one can repudiate that, and they might want to get the lawyers in.”

Speaking on Tuesday morning as he arrived at the Usual Affairs Council, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said whip into shape to secure a deal has been “intense”, adding: “Because even if an compatibility will be difficult, more and more difficult to be frank, it is still practical this week.”

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