BREAKING: Knifeman wrestled to ground by police after threatening passers-by


The marked situation unfolded yesterday morning in Urk, a traditional fishing town in the guts of the Netherlands, when the man walked into a petrol station.

At this applicable he had no knife in his hand, and staff said they did not feel threatened.

But they enlarged the man stood out because he seemed a bit confused.

Once outside, the man pulled out the knife and started holler in Arabic, threatening anyone who passed him in the street. 

knife man attacked in netherlands, – Youtube

The man pulled out a knife outside a petrol location and started shouting in Arabic

Police arrive to tackle knife manYOUTUBE

Amateur footage filmed from a within reach building shows the police officers arriving

Worried citizens promptly called the police who raced to the Avia petrol station. 

Amateur footage videotaped from a nearby building shows the police officers arriving in their sentinel car as they carefully approach the man with their firearms drawn.

But the man refused to pay attention to to the police’s orders to put the knife down, and made stabbing motions in the direction of the officers.

At one point he seemed to be about to get on the floor but then he suddenly got up again.

Police tackle knifeman

One bureaucrat fired a warning shot, and the police overpowered the man

One officer fired a omen shot, and the police overpowered the man – tackling him to the floor.

According to a police spokesman, the sense appeared to be a “confused man”. 

Police did not confirm reports the man shouted “Allahu akbar” and a spokesman not said: “He was singing in a strange language.”

It is not clear what caused the man to take industrial action around with a knife threatening several people.

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